C3a Poster

C3a Poster

This poster includes the logo for the 2006 Washington DC International Expo which is held once every 10 years! 300 printed, approximately 75 remain.

See this infamous rarity reconstructed for your home or office. Every detail was followed to recreate this one-of-a-kind sheet. Col. Green had it intact first, but now you can see what once was, a reproduction of the entire 1918 Jenny Air Mail Invert Sheet. Our photographic reproduction expert has done the work for you to enjoy. Every block accounted for and exquisitely placed to form this unique error sheet. It has been a conversation piece in our office and at stamp shows... not it is available for you to enjoy.

Dimensions: 18x24 inches... perfect dimensions for framing and placing in your home, office, reception area or anywhere you can enjoy it! This four color poster is produced on a heavy gloss text stock and varnished to assure its longevity and vividness.

$9.95 each/Postpaid... send first class to your door
$8.95 each/Postpaid... if you order 2-5 posters
$6.95 each/Postpaid... if you order 6-10 posters

USA addresses only. Foreign addresses: Add $4.00 to the above prices. Arizona Residents, add 9.3% sales tax. (Quantities greater than 10, please call us toll free at 480-488-1616 for a special rate.)

To Order: Call Toll Free: 480-488-1616
Email: aldrich@aldrichstamps.com
Write: RareStampExchange-C3a Poster, PO Box 2295, Carefree AZ 85377

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