Michael E. Aldrich has been involved in philately since 1967 at the age of eleven. He started in the stamp business in 1975 with Hamernick's and Brookman Stamp Co. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this time he began selling stamps by mail via a national weekly stamp publication. He established Michael E. Aldrich Auctions in 1980 and has been running auctions ever since. He has been involved with philately, full time, for most of his life. 


He has a national presence at most of the largest stamp shows throughout the country. Some of his past auctions have been held in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and others. He has spent many years specializing in United States Revenues and has become a leader in that field, both as a seller and a buyer.  Michael E. Aldrich currently runs two different auction companies: Michael E. Aldrich Auctions and ABC Auctions.

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