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We currently hold six sales each year or approximately every two months. Typically each sale has around 1,000 individual lot listings of collections, accumulations and balance lots. Values for each lot will start approximately at $100 and go up to $25,000 or more.

Some of our larger sections for each sale consist of:

  • U.S. Covers
  • U.S. Collections
  • U.S. Face Value Collections and Accumulations
  • U.S. Back-of-the-Book
  • U.S. Revenues
  • U.S. Possessions
  • Worldwide Covers
  • Worldwide Countries in Alphabetical Order
  • Worldwide Countires by area
  • Topicals
  • Philatelic Literature



Many of the lots in our ABC Auctions have scans or partial scans of each lot available to bidders. If a bidder needs additional scans of a particular lot they can be furnished via e-mail to those who request them. Due to staff limitations and high activity the few days prior to the closing date of the sale, we request that those needing additional scans please request them prior to the last week of the sale.


Bidding in ABC Auctions is simple and easy. Each sales listings are available for viewing on our website. Each listing has an automated bidding link. Simply click on this link for the lot that you are interested in bidding on and you will be taken to a automated bid sheet. Once you have completed all of your automated bidding, simple hit the send button and your bids will be emailed to our office.

We accept phone bids prior to the sale. Please call our office with any bids that you may have, toll free, at:


You may also email your bids to us directly at: aldrich@aldrichstamps.com

We also accept regular mail bids. Either use the printed bid sheet in the printed catalog or any other plain piece of paper and mail to our offices at: ABC Auctions Box 2295 Carefree, AZ  85377.

For those who wish to fax their bids to us, our fax number is: 480-488-1684

Live Bidding

We are currently using Stamp Auction Network as our Live Bidding platform. Each of our sales has a live bidding component. You will need to register with SAN at: www.stampauctionnetwork.com prior to the live auction. Once you have been approved for live bidding by our company, you will be notified. Just prior to the live portion of the sale, you will need to logon to SAN and click on our auction link. Once you have done this, you will receive a paddle number. At this point you are ready to participate in the Live portion of our ABC sale.


Bidders and buyers who are known to us may have their purchases shipped prior to payment. Once lots are received, payment must be made within seven days. Bidders and buyers who are new or unknown to us will be notified of their purchases and payment must be received prior to the shipping of lots.

We currently accept Credit Card payments via Visa, Mastercard or Discovery. Please include the account information with your bids prior to the sale or provide them after the sale via phone.

We also accept personal checks, postal money orders or cashiers checks. In addition we also accept wired bank transfers. If you wish to make payment via this method, please call the office for our account transfer details.


Our staff is one of the fastest shippers in the industry. Generally all lots are shipped to buyers withing three days after the sale date. Due to the size of most of the lots in our ABC sales, we utilize FED EX and UPS for shipping. Smaller lots that will fit into large envelopes or Prioritiy Boxes will be shipped via USPS.

Buyers may request special shipping arrangements. Any special requests should be made prior to the closing date of the sale. Please call our office with any questions.

Local buyers may pick up their lots at our offices during business hours. Please call for an appointment for pick up.

Buyers are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.

Consigning to ABC Auctions

We are constantly accepting consignments for our ABC Auctions. Since we have sales every two months, we are always writing and describing the next sale. We will accept U.S. and Worldwide stamps and covers in the form of singles and sets, collections, accumulations, balance lots, dealers stocks and entire estates. For larger or bulkier lots we will pick up. For more valuable lots we will also pick up the material from the consignor.

The minimum value per lot is about $100.00. If there are individual lots of lesser value we will usually group them with other lots.

The selling commissions range from 15-20% of the hammer price. For larger and more valuable properties please call the office for special arrangements.

Consignors are paid 60 days after the date of the sale.

Any other questions should be addressed to our office.


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